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Fat Buster™

Fat Buster™ is 100{34ea71471a0a77ed5864ba2e7447d15f9540529ec77c3e5d69c3abfe21fe0b9b} natural. It contains Chitosan which is fibre that is derived  from the hard outer covering of  shellfish e.g. crab/prawns. Chitosan has the unique ability of trapping fat and cholesterol. It transforms it into an indigestible gel that cannot be absorbed by the body and therefore leaves your body undigested. Because our bodies need a certain amount of fat for energy, the body is then forced to use up the stored body fat. One capsule can absorb up to 15 times its weight in fats and oils.  It therefore promotes safe weight loss. * Weight losses of up to 12 Kg have been recorded. Fat Buster™ is non-toxic and has no side effects. It is not recommended that people allergic to shellfish (Iodine) take Fat Buster™.

Fat Buster™ Detox

Fat Buster™ Detox tablets help to optimise the functioning of the liver. It helps with the breakdown and metabolism of fats. It detoxifies the body. Many people with under-active thyroids also benefited.