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  • Why choose Fat Buster?

Many weight products guarantee weight loss by just taking (one a day) only to find that the product comes with a strict diet.  You will lose weight just by being on the diet – so what’s the need for the tablet? The package will say “Only effective when taken in conjunction with a kilojoule restricted diet.  Fat Buster DOES NOT come with a diet plan and does not ask you to go on a diet.  Obviously eat sensibly, as you do want to lose weight!


  • How much of weight can I lose?

It’s difficult  tell you exactly how much of weight you will lose as each person’s body is different, though weight losses of up to 12 Kg per month have been recorded.

  • Is there any guarantee?

Fat Buster carries a money back guarantee

  • Must I take it lifelong?

Once you’ve reached your goal weight, you may stop.  Eat sensibly and follow sensible banced diet.  You may take Fat Buster when you do over-indulge.



  • Can it be taken by children and the elderly?

Yes so long as they are not allergic to shellfish


  • Can it be taken by men?

Yes! With fantastic results!

  • Can I take it if I’m breast feeding?

Although Fat Buster is 100{34ea71471a0a77ed5864ba2e7447d15f9540529ec77c3e5d69c3abfe21fe0b9b} natural and does not contain any drugs, it’s best to wean your baby before taking Fat Buster as you don’t want your baby to lose weight as well!


  • Can I take it if I’m pregnant?

It is advisable to follow an eating plan whilst you are pregnant as you body needs the nutrition


  • Will I put on weight if I stop taking Fat Buster?
  • You will not put on weight because you’ve stopped taking Fat Buster, but you should eat sensibly and when you do have a meal that has any fat in it, simply take Fat Buster so you don’t put on weight again.



Lowers cholesterol levels

Balances blood pressure

Excellent for diabetes by balancing the blood sugar level

Lose up to 12 Kg per month

Relieves constipation

Clears acne


Traps up to 15 times it’s own weight in oils and fat

No dieting

Feel energetic

Guaranteed permanent weight loss

Helps to lose the bulges without the stress of dieting

Skin retains it’s elasticity

Does not leave you with hanging “flabby” skin

100{34ea71471a0a77ed5864ba2e7447d15f9540529ec77c3e5d69c3abfe21fe0b9b} natural

Increases metabolism

Feel younger once you lose weight

Clients have reported trying just about “every” product on the market and are impressed by Fat Buster

Teenagers get depressed when overweight – Fat Buster has worked wonders for teenagers helps –  to boost the morale

No more hunger pangs

Can be taken in conjunction with other medication

Main areas of weight loss – tummy, thighs