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I worked for the Ethekwini Municipality for 24 years. After about 20 years of marriage, I faced the worst nightmare of my life – Divorce!

My partner and kids were my daily priority and after my divorce I was left financially crippled. I started sewing garments for my work colleagues, just to make ends meet. I would sit after work and sew until the early hours of the morning, get up in the morning and go to work. I also sold a variety of items, as I had the immense responsibility of caring and supporting two teenagers. My woes got the better of me, I lost my self esteem and started drinking heavily. I couldn’t take care of myself, let alone taking care of two children. I was constantly questioning my life, and Why is God so cruel to me, as I had no family in South Africa, because they immigrated to the United Kingdom in 1978. I was then left with no moral support or anybody to lean on. Little did I realise that God indeed had a very big plan for me!

As I have always taken a keen interest in natural remedies. My attention was naturally drawn to this field. I launched the Fatbuster in 1999.

I started marketing Fatbuster™ on a very small scale, by placing my first advert in a local community newspaper, that cost me R50 and which I struggled to rake up. The response was very good. To make the product more obtainable, I offered my clients a home delivery service. I would go to parking lots and place flyers on vehicles. I slowly started advertising in other areas.

The business was going really well and I employed an assistant to take calls whilst I was at work. Despite the daily struggles of running a business while working fulltime, I never gave up and remained focused. I subsequently started studying, as an opportunity presented itself in the form of Dr Trude Bartholomew, my lecturer.

I an now qualified as an Ethno Physchology Practitioner (specialising in Hypnotherapy). In June 2007, I was involved in a car accident. It made me realise how fortunate I was, that life is too precious and I had to seriously make some life changing decisions. As the need grew for my undivided attention to my business, I finally resigned from my full time job in August 2007. I focused all my energy and attention into marketing and expanding Fatbuster™, propelling it to new heights. I changed my marketing strategy. Instead of using models or before and afterpictures of my clients, I used myself, as I lost weight on Fatbuster™. I managed to maintain my weight of 50kg since 1999. I created a slogan that says “It just breaks my heart to see younger people look older than I am”

Fat Buster Hypnotherapy CD

The business did a 90 degree turn in no time! Fatbuster is now national and I am hoping to have my product on the shelves of a major retail chain store soon.

Returning to my passion of hypnotherapy, I recently produced a Hypnotherapy CD, which takes the client into hypnosis were good thoughts and feeling good are programmed into your sub-conscious mind. The CD can be purchased with the Fat Buster weight loss product.

I have agents in different parts of the country and also supply several pharmacies. I am currently studying towards my PhD in Metaphysics and also have my eye on my third brand new car, an Audi TT. I have also signed a contract to appear on Saffron TV, a DSTV Indian channel which will be flighted in Mid-November.

So for all you women out there who have lost partners through divorce or death – there is hope for you – if I can do it , so can you!